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 - Clever operation





"Our sustainable development and growth tomorrow, if not just our adaptability and resilience to the irreversibly-changing world and markets, is determined by the choices we make today in bridging the gaps in our understanding; the choices of preparing or not, advancing or not, the appropriate knowledge & expertise, science, technology and innovation, strategic planning & management skills...for informed and                        clever decision making." 



CLEVER OPERATION S.A.S. is an innovative high technology start-up based in ORSAY (FRANCE) at the Research Intensive Cluster (RIC) & Business Cluster of PARIS-SACLAY. It offers you over 40 years of experience and proven track records of high level innovation based on strong scientific and management skills acquired along the years within cutting-edge large international collaborations and challenging settings.



Empower people, institutions and organizations with Knowledge, Funding and high-end Sensor technologies for informed clever decisions.

Mission / Offer


1. Management and technical/engineering support services,

2. Radiation measurement instrumentation & solutions.  

Products and Services